“We cannot sleepwalk. We cannot just survive, anything goes. We can take control of our lives, we can quit sleepwalking, we can say — right now, these are our lives, it is time to start living it. It is time to not second guess, to move forward, to make mistakes if we have to, but to do it with a greater good in mind.” –The Infamous Mission Statement Tom Cruise wrote in the middle of the night in Jerry Maguire

It wakes you up, your Mission Statement, whether in the middle of the night or smack dab in the middle of a day that you are sleepwalking through. It happens in an instant or in a thousand little instances that lead to one moment.

A few weeks ago I wrote a Mission Statement for my business; it lit me up and inspired me with so many ideas for not only why I do what I do, but for life. This got me thinking, why can’t we also create a Mission Statement for our life?

If you’re unhappy and unfulfilled, or there’s that lingering gnaw in your stomach that you know you’re not living a life aligned with your deepest desires…a Mission Statement could be just what the doctor ordered.

It’s simple, a quick (or maybe not so quick) reframe of a life, your life lived in moments that make up years and decades and before you know it you’re at the end. If you were at the end right now, would you be proud of the life you’ve led? Fulfilled? Ecstatic? Would you regret not having loved more?

What can you do right now to shift into a life filled with purpose and love? A great place to start is here, now, with your own Mission Statement.

In this episode, I talk about what exactly a Mission Statement is and give you some probing questions to help you get started.

If you suffer from a health challenge, or you’re riddled with anxiety and wake up in the night with that gnaw, writing your life’s Mission Statement (which can change by the way), is a great way to remind yourself of why you are here, doing what you do every day. It can remind you of why you want to be well in your body, and clear the spaces of dis-ease.

If you’re sleepwalking, WAKE UP! Life is now.

I know it can be scary to follow your soul’s calling…and your heart’s deepest longing. That fear is only the perceived separation of you and Source, of you and every other human on the planet, of you and the stars. You are Source, every other human on the planet (in different packaging), and all the stars.

Open your heart this minute to the oneness of All That Is, and feel the peace, freedom, and ease in every cell. You can do it, you were made to live from the heart.

Listen below or over on iTunes, and please share your Mission Statement with me in the comments below. I can’t wait to read it!

To waking up…


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