You deserve infinite amounts of healing, right now…as you are, in this moment, perfectly imperfect. You are worthy, you are Divine love and nothing less than that.

My short episode this week talks about the worthiness that you are to heal, right now. I also share what I do when I get sick, and what my practices are to move me through the imbalance with as much grace and surrender as possible.If you’re having trouble feeling this truth, stop, breath, and come to the awareness of the aliveness in your body, in your heart, in the deepest parts of you. You are this aliveness, this unconditional love, and it is you.

And…I thought I would share with you a poem I recently wrote, about the light…that we are all drenched in:)


Where the light gets in

in the cracks between
good and bad
right and wrong
meaning and nothingness
this is where the light gets in

if nothing has meaning
it all does
a paradox

emptiness into full hearts
the only place it is
leave a space for me
where the light gets in

take no more thought
feel it instead
begging you

having a place
just right
warm or cool
every time
where the light gets in

it’s flowing
not a trickle
the light

see it burning for you
asking you to love it
to be it
to sail away with it
to claim it

that even small place
where the light gets in


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In light,



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