Have you ever wondered why yoga is such a big deal these days? Or if you already have a yoga practice, do you know the deeper meaning behind its effectiveness to bring you home in your body, mind, and soul?

Join me for this in-depth conversation (listen below or on iTunes) with Rupali Embry, a yoga teacher for 30 years. Here are just a few of her accomplishments…

  • Owner and founder, Yoga Hawaii, 1999-2011—only the third yoga studio to open on the island of Oahu
  • Owner and founder, ShantiGirl Yoga Hawaii, RYS (the teacher training branch of Yoga Hawaii), 2004-present
  • Yoga teacher trainer of nearly 400 yoga teachers worldwide
  • Trained in hypnosis, rebirthing, Reiki II, energy work, EFT, life coaching and mastermind group facilitation

Rupali was on the yoga train long before it gained popularity in the West. When she started practicing in the 80’s, people though the Eastern practice was some sort of voodoo.

Rupali was one of the first teachers on the island of Oahu and had her start teaching people in basements with ceilings that couldn’t even support a sun salutation. But her love for the ancient practice kept her going and has not slowed in 30 years…now that’s passion.

We talk not only of yoga, but of the 4000-year-old sister science, Ayurveda, and how to use it for healing. Rupali struggled with Hashimoto’s disease (aka hypothyroidism) 7 years ago and used yoga and Ayurveda to heal her body, mind, and soul. We discuss her own healing crisis (things getting worse before they get better), and the best ways to stay in alignment with nature for optimal healing.

Rupali no longer teaches in a studio, but she and her partner, Tania, travel to Japan a few times a year to do teacher training. She also teaches private one-on-one sessions on the island of Oahu (if you’re here I definitely recommend her!). These days, you’ll mostly find her in hog heaven working on the new iteration of her business, www.blissfulyogini.com.

Her and Tania have created an online community of support and resources (like tip sheets for poses and instructional videos) for yoga teachers worldwide. It’s not easy to be a yoga teacher, new or seasoned, and support from a community can make all the difference in keeping the good teachers teaching. She also helps yoga teachers adopt an entrepreneur mindset, and leverage their skills so they can make a living doing what they love.

Her approach to healing and remaining a conscious being is refreshing and easy. This episode is packed with little gems that I know you’ll find both inspiring and helpful.

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Show Notes and Links

The name of Rupali and Tania’s podcast has changed to Yoga Trailblazers and will be launching sometime in March of this year!

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