Tarah Cyel…nope, it’s not my last name. Who, or what then, is it?

Since I changed my business name from Wide Awakened Healing to Tarah Cyel, I have had this question a lot. I’ve also had many unsolicited opinions of the new name. Of course, I don’t mind, it’s about their perception of the world, not mine.

One of the many side effects of remembering and having direct experience of your True Infinite Nature is that your “triggers” you have as a human fall away. None of these “pet peeves” or irritants can stick to Infinity, and they slide right off.

If you’ve ever wondered who Cyel is (or if you are now), this episode is for you. I also begin with a quick check-in of how your 2018 is going…and ask the pivotal question…“Where are you living from, fear or Truth?”

Are you ready to create this year to be the one where you finally shine your light? Where you stop standing in the shadows of your Ego and BS stories? Sweet! If (and only if) your soul says hell yes, schedule some time on my calendar for your complimentary Next Best Step Session.

Listen below or over on iTunes, and leave a review if your soul so desires!!!



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