Creation is not perfection, it is an exploration of your truth. It is an exploration of your experience here on Earth this time around. It is an adventure to be curious about, ask questions through, and most of all, connect with your Highest, your heart, your Spirit, that is asking you to listen.

We are here to play friend, not worry. You are creating your life, whether you have awareness of it or not, in every second. You create through your choices, your thoughts, your feelings, and ultimately your vibration. This is not a blame or shame game, oh no, it’s a wake up to your POWER game. You have the choice to take 100% responsibility for ALL you are, do, and see in your experience.

If you’re an artist or writer, you experience your own creations very literally. You may be used to going through the process of feeling resistance and getting to work anyway. Well, every human creates their lives in the same way, you just may not know it.

You may experience resistance through your thoughts or feelings, through self-doubt and judgement, through the “I’m not good enough” epidemic we humans are conditioned to. If you want to create your most fulfilling life, you must create anyway.

If you’d like to learn how to better get out of your own way and get to the business of why you’re here, to create, this episode is for you. I give you one really simple tip on how to get the ball (and your heart) rolling in the direction of your most fabulous creator, you!

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P.S. This is the headband I was telling you about in the show…so cool huh?


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