I’ve been thinking a lot about gifts. The gifts you and I are born with, that is, and chose to posses in this lifetime, so that we could be of service to our fellow brothers and sisters in different disguises.

Here we are, on planet Earth, born and ready to serve, do what we do best, surrender to our “calling” and live out the best version of our human selves….right? Well, yes, in a world where you and I listen to the whispers (or screams) of our souls; where we follow the light inside that tells us we’re on the right path.

You have a gift, you do. There is not one person born who does not, but for the purposes of exploring this human experience, we forget; we are afraid to use it. We spend our lives either denying our gifts, or we spend our lives peeling back the very cleverly placed nonsense to reveal them. It’s your choice, either way, and I’m not here to tell you what you should do…only illuminate your free will to remember.

Part of accepting healing in every cell of our bodies is accepting who we are, at our core, underneath who we think we should be. You can invite this process in slowly, or you can take a sledgehammer to your life and see what’s still standing at the end of breaking down those walls. Again, no wrong way here, just a choice.

My guest, Richard Phu, chose a sledgehammer, and I’m happy to report he’s grateful for the experience. Was it a piece of cake? No. Would he have had it any other way? No.

Join me in my conversation with this best-selling author, speaker, and man coach as he reveals his incredible journey, his “week from hell,” and how he’s tapped into his genius zone. He also shares with us how he helps others create more freedom in their own lives so they can fully live in the brilliant, blinding light of their own gifts.

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