The human body can feel heavy, dense, weighted down by your worries, perceived problems and day to day life. This heavy feeling is a reminder to release whatever is keeping you completely identified with your body, and with the life you’ve created for yourself.

Yes, your body is part of you. Your job and friends and home and preferences are also a part of you…or rather, a part of your experience. Your body is a great and loving tool you can tune into, to bring awareness to the parts you have forgotten to love.

Feeling connected to and in love with your beautiful unique physical self can connect you so much deeper to that which you truly are. You are God/Source/All That Is. And through your body you have the opportunity to experience your unlimited potentiality.

Upgrading your body to light is one way of releasing what doesn’t align with your infinite self, so you can remember that all you are is light…and love. Your Essence is that which is unspeakable, but the closest I believe we can come, is to come into the light.

If you’re feeling heavy, confused, sad, or some other symptom in your body, come into the light with me in this episode…and transmute what no longer serves your Highest.

In this episode I share tools, including one really powerful mantra, to align your body with who you truly are. I also share one of the main reasons I struggled with health challenges for so much of my life. It’s the first time I’ve shared this, and it may shed some light (pun intended) on why you have too.

You may have noticed that I’m becoming more and more vulnerable with my listeners, bringing out into the light (pun, again, intended) what I have hidden away for years. It may be scary for you, exploring the feeling of not belonging on Earth, or in a human body. Giving a voice to all those who feel like Galactic Beings is important for me to do right now.

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you may think I’ve lost my marbles, and that’s okay. I only hope, even if you feel as human as can be, you can understand and accept me (and all “Galactic Beings”), just as I am.

I am proud to be here, helping you along your human journey, no matter where you come from, near or far. We are all here together, now, on this beautiful planet, with the great purpose of being, giving, and receiving love.

Join us on iTunes to Upgrade Your Body to Light, or listen below.

So much love,

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