I hear this question all the time from my clients, “Why am I here?” or “What’s my purpose?”

This is a great question, but often people confuse their calling with a job or business or some action in the world. Then they do the action or job to try and feel fulfilled. It’s working from the outside in, and it doesn’t work.

Instead, what if you worked from the inside out? What if you started with your calling, and trusted that when you come from this place, no matter what you’re “doing,” you will be fulfilled?

Your calling: the unique essence of who you are, not what you do.

Your calling is your home beacon, your True North, your alignment with Source.

What has called you forth to incarnate as a human in this lifetime? What did your soul choose to call forth from itself as God?

Your calling lives in the space of the Infinite, of all that is possible, of your Higher Self, of your direct connection to Source. You are here to BE who you are. 

You are Source. You are God. You are All That Is. Can you imagine living directly from this space in your human existence?

“I came here to help people, but I don’t know exactly how to do it.”, or, “I love what I do, but it doesn’t nourish my soul.” Sound familiar?

Have you gotten lost in “doing,” in trying to find the perfect “thing” to fulfill your purpose here? Or are you so focused on the outcome of what you’re doing that you have forgotten why you’re really doing it?

Are you more concerned with making money, proving your worth, avoiding discomfort, than honoring your soul’s deepest calling? Even if you love your business or your job, or what you “do,” do you spend most of your energy trying to get somewhere, to grow the business, to be “successful?”

What if you could remember your energy signature, the unique essence of your soul, the reason you came to planet Earth right now? What if this was all you needed to feel fulfilled and happy in every moment of your life?

If you’re tired of constantly trying to get somewhere “out there”, or feel worthy as a result of your actions in the world, there is an easier way. 

You are a cosmic, galactic, infinite being. You chose to come here now to help usher humanity into a new world, full of love and understanding.

You don’t have to struggle to do this, it doesn’t have to be hard. You’re meant to remember, you’re meant to just be you.

If you’re ready to explore your calling, and finally answer the question, “Why am I really here?”, let’s do it together! Book your 90-minute “Explore My Calling” session now!

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