How much time and energy do you spend wanting things? Wanting a better life…more money, the perfect relationship, the perfect job or career or to find your purpose, better clothes or that house on the beach?

Striving for a better appearance in the illusion can only lead to one thing…misery. This is the sly ego telling you that you need more, in order to be enough, to be worthy of love, or even to just exist. When you are fixed on your life looking a certain way, it creates tightness in the system, it contracts your innate knowingness and brilliance as Source energy.

Be honest with yourself. Why do you think you want the things you want? What do you think it’s giving you that you don’t already have? What do you really want?

You came here to follow your soul’s calling. When this flows within and without you, your whole life forms itself around the calling, and you will always be full, filled with the joy that only this can bring.

It’s not bad to want anything, there is no bad. It’s perfectly okay to want a better life for yourself and those you love. Here’s the thing, you think a better life comes from creating the appearance of your “dreams.” It doesn’t. It comes from living your life so in alignment with Source, that even when challenges arise, you have no doubt that it’s exactly the right path because it’s what you came here to do and be.

Join me in this episode over on iTunes or below as I explore this, and share a super duper summer special for a very few special beings who are ready to choose their calling (over the appearance of their external life) right now!

So much love,

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