“When you’re at peace with yourself, you’re at peace with the world.” -Jennifer Oney

Who is your “person?” You know, the one you call when you are in grand celebration or desperate despair? You may have more than one, or they may change throughout your lifetime. It’s probably a spouse or best friend or family member. My person (besides my family of course), is Jennifer Oney. Ever since we met in the Newark, New Jersey airport on our way to study abroad in France, she has been my person.

Me and Jen O, up to our usual shenanigans, playing with Jenn L’s wheelchair while she was laughing and taking pictures.

We have never lived in the same place, not even close to each other, but we are connected in the way that is rare and sweet and beautiful and the most natural thing in the world. I can’t talk about my friendship with Jen O unless I mention the other Jenn (Jennifer Leach), the 3rd member of our BFF gang. The three of us together was a force…Jenn L transitioned from her body over a year ago, and not a day goes by that my heart doesn’t long to hear her amazing laugh.

So it’s me and Jen O that are here, keeping Jenn L’s memory alive, loving her every day, and often talking about what she would say, do, think, about any one of our various experiences or challenges…usually we remember how much she would have laughed with us.

I wanted to share my bestie with you because she’s an amazing woman, mother, wife, daughter, human, personal trainer (for 16 years) and of course friend. She inspires me and challenges me and makes me want to be a better person in this world. I could record any one of our conversations and make it a podcast. Our talks are usually filled with little gold nuggets of light and truth and inspiration…and most of all they are real.

Body-image, numbing the pain, sitting with the pain, transforming the pain, meditation, freedom, being yourself, women’s inequality in the workplace and more…these are the topics of our conversation. Jen has spent most of her life (like many women) struggling with body-image, and she talks about her healing journey and what she does today to get back to herself.

So get your favorite cup of tea or glass of wine and join us for a conversation that may feel like you’re in the living room with us…cozied up in your favorite chair.

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Thank you for listening, reading, and being you in the world.


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