The Rise of the Sovereign Being (yes, that’s you!)…Is happening now! Are you in!?

Sovereignty: Supreme Authority Within.

The time on this planet, right now, is critical. You get to choose. Do you want to continue the old ways of corruption, greed, and slavery of humans in all ways? Or do you want to create the truth in form, a world that serves humanity?

In this video, I share thoughts around “what’s really going on” in the times of covid, how connection (to your true self) is the most relevant thing, how viruses are our friends (if we choose to see them that way), just how f’ing powerful you are, and how YOU can help raise the consciousness of this planet and be part of building the new (true) ways of being and doing.


Links mentioned:

Children’s Health Defense from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Awaken with JP YouTube Channel


Vaxxed2, The People’s Truth

Freedom Platform TV with Brian Rose (not mentioned in the video but I meant to)

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