The “I AM,” the Unity Consciousness, holds and allows more Power in and of your being than you can imagine with your human mind.

Can you BE in the space of this knowingness? I AM Source, God, Love, All That Is, Pure Light, Galactic Frequency.

When you’re feeling like you don’t belong…here on Earth, in your family, at your job, in your life as a human…the “I AM” will bring you back to who you really are.

It doesn’t matter where you come from (on Earth or another planet), we are connected deeply to All That Is, in this Universe and beyond. This truth can heal you. You are not alone. We’re not only all connected, we ARE each other.

“I AM,” whether whispered in your heart or said with gusto, can reconnect you to your truest self and remind you how to hear all that is in your Highest Good.

To feel the energy of this phrase, and bring it into your life, listen to this week’s episode below or on iTunes.

Thank you.


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