The Freedom and Unity Foundation


What is it?

The place/space where wholeness and unity of all is the foundation. We come from knowing our truth, sovereignty, and indelible infinite nature. We are Source expressing as human. We honor this choice our souls have made to be here. We love and accept all experiences and appearances that arise. We embody this knowing-ness and energy to lead the way for others who are ready to join us.

We conduct business from wholeness and unity, we live our lives and relate to others from wholeness and unity, all while celebrating the unique essence of each expression of Source appearing separate. We are not perfect in our execution, but the intention is pure. We are honest with ourselves and others about who we are on all levels to the best of our ability, valuing transparency in every interaction and transaction.

Our highest priority and why we exist is service to others; service to All.

We create, love, play, laugh, be. We are free, whole, and One. 

We know we are already free and aim to be this knowingness for all to see and access. We intend to reflect our inner freedom to create a world of appearance where all beings can be and feel free, where any systems created support this freedom and its expressions of Source.

The Freedom and Unity Foundation nurtures and cultivates an internal and external environment of self-knowing, transparency, unconditional love, wisdom, purification of self, and being Source.

From this place, we move and take right action in the world to facilitate this expanded version of humanity.

We understand that when we separate and label ourselves and other-selves, it is not of service to our infinite nature and therefore limits the possibility of self-realization and furthering our mission to its greatest potential.

We understand there is, inherently, no right or wrong way, good or bad, only what is or is not of service in the moment. We practice self-inquiry to know what is right and aligned for ourselves in each situation, and encourage this self-inquiry for all beings.

By allowing Source to come through and guide our actions, we need not attach to the outcome, as we trust our alignment with Source. We use Infinite Intelligence to inform Mind Intelligence. 


Who is it for?

If you’re a fellow creator (of anything) and you are clear you are here to serve others in this exceptional time in human history, this space is made for you. It is time for those that resonate together, play, and create together. “Together” is how this next chapter of humanity begins; it’s how we thrive beyond anything we’ve ever or could ever imagine.

In this intense time on this planet, you may be feeling anxious, confused about how you’re here to serve or what to create, or even fearful of the unknown future for all. That’s ok. To join us, you don’t have to know what you’re doing, what you’re creating, and what comes next. The Foundation is here to explore and move together, one day at a time.

The mission of The Freedom and Unity Foundation is the highest state we come from while creating and being in this new world. You don’t have to feel like you’re already coming from this space all the time or even most of the time. All that is asked is that you resonate with this highest possible timeline and have the sincere intention to come from freedom, wholeness, and unity in all you are and do. 
What do we do?

Creat, explore, and train in the following areas (and more)…

  • Enlightenment for all
  • Business of all kinds (new ways that benefit all involved)
  • Education
  • Entertainment/media
  • Finance/Economy (Exiting from the money game as well as “new” ways of economy, including crypto)
  • Relating/Relationships
  • Sovereign living in all ways
  • Self-healing

What do you experience as a member of The Freedom and Unity Foundation?

Weekly sessions (live and recorded) which will include but are not limited to…

  • Coaching/mentorship with Tarah Long and special guests when appropriate (receive support, guidance, nourishment, and education)
  • Leadership training
  • Deepening your connection to Source/True Self with direct experience (“enlightenment” training with Tarah)
  • Special guests who will speak/share on various topics that are relevant and desired for creating the new world together
  • Co-working sessions/facilitation
  • Brain/heart storming sessions as a group and 1/1


*This is a co-creation with all members as Tarah guides and facilitates the sessions and organization of the group (at least in the beginning).

Tarah envisions The Freedom and Unity Foundation as a space for expansion of self, your projects, co-creation of projects, and is open to any and all iterations that feel relevant and in-service.

All sessions will be recorded and available on dropbox (another platform is possible in the future).

The Foundation is, for now, a membership-based organism that is donation based, meaning you donate monthly or per session as it feels good to you. 

Beginning soon!

To join the Freedom and Unity Foundation, inquire at

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