More love. No matter where you are in your journey of awakening to the brilliance of who you Truly are, the answer is always, more love.

I was guided to lay out these 5 stages of awakening, not so you can identify with a stage and then judge yourself and others based on said stage, but so you can get a sense of what’s possible, and how to get “there.” Of course, there is no there, there. We are here, now, and that is all.

The intention of this episode is to invite you to expand yourself, to see the bigger picture of the unlimitedness that you are and that the Universe is. I hope you enjoy and share with those you love.

Those around you, the ones you feel may not be open to your journey of awakening, may be ready for their own journey. It is a time of great expansion of human consciousness and heart, and all are susceptible to a greater Truth that is known by the depths of their spirit. If you feel an opening, a guidance, to share your journey (or this episode) with a friend or loved one, go for it!

I have not engaged in this space politically, nor in my life in general as of late. I have been watching, listening, and feeling into the expanded energy that is playing out in the recent US election (and the seeming consequence). I have done my best to hold space for you to grieve, cry, be angry, joyful, etc. I feel blessed to see the bigger picture, one in which I can almost not put into words.

I know all is as it should be, for the growth and expansion of the human species. We have collectively created everything we see externally. And it will be there until we no longer need it to be, until we do the work of being love.

Is it painful at times? Yes. Our hearts break a little or a lot, yes. You may feel like separating yourself from some “other” out there, yes. I have felt that way too. And I know, that the only answer, is more love.

How do you love something you wish weren’t happening? How do you love a person or situation you feel so much disdain for? How can you open your heart when it is breaking? This is your invitation. This is the moment where you decide. Do I love more or less?

That is my challenge for you. Ask yourself, how can I love more, not less? When you feel like shutting down, closing off a part of yourself to another, separating yourself from “them”…who can you BE to love more. Do not mistake loving more with not having boundaries or having a voice, sometimes these are the most loving things you can do. And, you can do them both with love.

There are as many ways to love as there is love itself (infinite, of course), and what is right for you will be revealed in the open-heartedness and the asking. Connect deeper through your heart to your soul, your Highest Self. There you will be guided to love in the way you are here to love. There is no wrong or right. If it’s truly the vibration of love you choose to be in, do and be what feels good and light to do and be.

What do you do when you do not feel you have the capacity for loving from your own heart? 1. Love the one who does not feel able to love in the moment. 2. Tap into Divine love, the love that is infinite (that you are a part of). This love seemingly does not come from your humanness and can be easier to give. (If these steps seem challenging, and you would like to expand your capacity for love, let’s talk. You can fill out the form for the call by clicking here.)

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So much love,

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