Shame. It’s one of those really useless emotions. If you think for a moment about what you are hiding in your life, from your family, friends, yourself…you will most likely find “shame” living underneath.

You fear the judgment because you are deeply judging yourself for whatever it is you’re wanting to hide, to keep in the shadows.

Step one, be honest with yourself about what you’re hiding and why. I promise that if you investigate it and challenge what you believe to be true about it, you will find a house of cards. One soft blow and it all falls down.

I recently did this very thing with a topic that is extremely taboo in our culture, where money is directly tied to success, worth, and validity as a human.

I call BS.

Nothing is off-limits to talk about or share in my world. Why? It’s all God, it’s all the Creator. It’s all me, it’s all you. Let’s bring all we feel should be hidden away in the shadows into the light and alchemize it into the love that it is.

When you love and accept the thing you thought you could never love and accept (the affair you had, that time you betrayed a friend, all the times you spoke poorly to others and to yourself), an amazing thing happens, it turns right back into love, and you are that much FREER. 

Join me as I share my journey of bankruptcy with you (super exciting and amazing time)! It’s perfect, and I’ll tell you why.

Yep, I said bankruptcy…I’m in the process of filing now!

You can watch the first three episodes on YouTube here:

The Spirituality of Bankruptcy, Episode One, Intro

Episode Two, Stories

Episode Three, Transparency and Protection

You can also listen to the first episode over on the podcast on iTunes or below.

Episode One, Intro

Let’s unravel the taboos in our society, let’s get real, and let’s feel a whole lot better for doing it! It has to start with YOU. Can you imagine how much more space you will have to expand spiritually and in ALL ways once you clean out the closet!?!?

I love you!

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