No matter your “story,” whether it’s “I am human,” “I am tired,” “I need vitamin C to increase my immunity,” “I don’t get along with my sister,” “My life is harder than other people’s,” “I need to eat xyz to have energy,” they are all equally…stories.

Some of them serve you, awesome! Most of them don’t. Even the ones you think are “good for you,” like ” I have to get 30 minutes of exercise a day,” can contract your energy and therefore create the opposite of freedom in your life. It may be great for you to exercise, but creating the story that you “have to” or else…is based in fear and not remembering that you are Infinite. Your body responds to exercise because collectively we have agreed that it does. The collective consciousness is strong, so I’m not suggesting you stop exercising and eating well and taking your C, but to believe is it the only Truth is short-sighted and limiting to you.

Nothing is “true” until you say it is. Nothing.

What a great time, this arbitrary ritual of the “New Year,” to reset and explore some of your stories. I invite you to write them all down, all of them. Bring them into the light, and many times, this simple act, is enough to begin the shift. Of course, it’s a practice, and needs to be explored fully until you no longer have any stories (If that’s the level of freedom you’re after)!

Join me in this first episode of the year on iTunes (or listen below), where I talk more about stories, really really really following your intuition (and NEVER the head), why I’ve stopped doing regular episodes, and for a BIG treat, a beautiful guided meditation to invite you to experience your own Infinite Nature…like beyond the Galaxy!

To your continued expansion and realization that you are not who or what you think you are!



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