What stories are you holding onto? How have they defined you up until this moment? Are you ready to see them for what they are?

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Meet Joy Leng, she is the author of From Zero to Shakti and producer of Shakti on Fire Podcast. She is also an empowerment coach and warrior goddess facilitator. Her mission is to ignite Kick Ass lives. She has a burning vision of empowering one million women (Shaktis-on-Fire), to do three million good deeds, by 2028.

She considers herself the midwife of awakening goddesses, guiding them into their authentic, intuitive, powerful and playful birthright.

Joy was adopted. This was the story that defined her life, until she decided to look at for what it was, a story. In our conversation, we talk about a pivotal moment in her journey where she used the “empty chair technique” to have a long overdue conversation with her birth mom. This conversation changed her life.

We also discuss her passion for empowering women to let go of their own stories, following your intuition no matter what, how to turn your journal into a book, and much more.

If you’re ready to look a little deeper at what may be limiting you in your own life, join us over on iTunes or listen below! And if you enjoy the episode, please let us know and leave a review on iTunes!


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