Shift to Rise Training, Events, and Retreats

In addition to my own work/coaching/teaching/events, I am also part of a badass team of compassionate, conscious, and expanded beings. We are Shift to Rise.

If you like learning and growing in a community environment of like-spirited souls, check us out!

Shift to Rise is dedicated to helping those ready to remember who they really are, reclaim their power, and design a life of true freedom.

Formed by thought-leaders and transformational coaches, Tarah Long, Ryan Charaba, Pualena Pakele and Cabot, and Kimi Morton, Shift to Rise provides training, retreats, and support to help you shift from fear and lack and rise to personal liberation and empowerment of your heart’s truest desires. Experience true freedom in your relationships, career, finances, health, and overall quality of life. The time has come for us to Shift to Rise.

Find out more about what we’re up to and how we can serve YOU, HERE. 

You can also join us in our private Facebook group HERE.

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In this session, we will:
1. Explore the 2 biggest challenges you currently experience
2. Connect to your Higher Self so you can have the experience of your Infinite Wisdom
3. Get your next best step to being who you really are in the world

Yes, please!

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