Group Guidance and Coaching

Flower of Life Academy

All ships rise with the tide. Together, we can expand, grow and learn in ways we could not have on our own. When people with similar situations and goals come together, the possibilities are even more unlimited! 4-month minimum commitment. 

The group dynamic serves people who are in transition in one of the following ways:

  • From a “9-5” job to wanting to live your dream job or business
  • Wanting to realize your “purpose”
  • Out of a non-serving relationship
  • From a relationship with yourself that is not connected to one that is full of unconditional self-love and acceptance
  • From a place of feeling lack and “not-enoughness” in one or more areas of life (financial is the main one) to living in abundance in all ways

Join us in my private Facebook Group, Awaken Your Infinite Nature!

Get support from myself and others in the group, your tribes awaits!!!

Yes, please!

Sign up for your complimentary "Next Best Step" Session with Tarah

In this session, we will:
1. Explore the 2 biggest challenges you currently experience
2. Connect to your Higher Self so you can have the experience of your Infinite Wisdom
3. Get your next best step to being who you really are in the world

Let's rock!

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