One-on-one Guidance and Coaching

Each one-on-one program is uniquely tailored to you and your needs throughout, in order for you to remember who you really are and rise to meet your soul’s calling. We will bring all areas of your life into alignment with living this calling.

I am here to serve those who believe they are on this planet for a reason and are open to unseen truths. I help those who want to live their lives in alignment with this reason above all else. 

I promise that engaging with me and what I create will help you:

to epically live your calling

get clarity on who you really are and why you’re here

live a life of complete fulfillment

create more ease, joy, love, and purpose in your life

get clarity on any decision that’s in front of you

release fear and doubt

know why you exist

cease to worry

live a magical life

remember and embody that you are Source/God

Coaching with me is for you if you:

  • You’ve ever thought or said, “I know there’s more to life than this.”
  • Feel lost in your current life situation.
  • Are going through a challenging life transition.
  • Have a business or would like to start a business and want to make sure it’s aligned with who you are and create it epically.
  • Have success in one or more areas of your life but still feel unfulfilled.
  • Feel a longing and don’t quite know what it is for.
  • Feel you do not belong in this world, but are ready to thrive here.
  • Know you have a Mission or Purpose here on Earth and have not fully followed it (you may or may not know what this Mission is yet), and are ready to LIVE it. You long to serve those you came here to serve!
  • Have been on a “spiritual” path for some time, and are frustrated with the growth plateau you’ve seemed to hit.
  • Experienced many methods or tools of expansion and growth, looking for answers, and there is a tug at your soul for a more profound experience.
  • Worked with the Law of Attraction to create the life of your dreams, perhaps you created this life, and still are not fulfilled.
  • Want to know the ultimate truth of who you are and feel excited about taking a path of service to realize this truth.
  • Feel frustrated with your constant thoughts, your life, striving, seeking, and are ready to go deeper than you’ve ever gone before to remember the truth.
  • Are ready to lay down your armor, and remember that you are always and only guided and loved.
  • Ready for true and absolute peace, joy, fulfillment, and freedom, that comes from within.

OR…you are:

Clear on your Mission/Purpose/Calling and know how you want to play. You are already playing in this way either partially or fully, and have a desire to expand more, and live more fully as Source.

You also may be a high impact individual (the work you do has an impact on 1000’s-1,000,000’s of people), wanting to make an even bigger or more meaningful impact, by living your soul’s calling. You may feel disconnected from why you began a certain business or project and have gotten lost in the details and management…and are ready to bring in more ease, joy, and fulfillment to what you know you’re here to do.


If you’re interested in my VIP Alignment and Enlightenment Experience, where we spend one life-changing week together in your home, CLICK HERE.

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In this session, we will:
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3. Get your next best step to being who you really are in the world

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