When you remember that you are drenched in your Essence, your original and forever being-ness, you are free. This infinity that you are is unfathomable to the human mind but can be felt and known with the heart.

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If you’re ready to be even closer to this remembrance of your brilliant light, join me in this episode. I give you a few tips on how to practically bring your infinite power into each moment. I also guide you through a visualization at the end in which you get to “slip out” of your human skin and return to Source love and light.

You have chosen to be human to share your special gifts and to have fun! The contrast of being infinite and being in a human body can be very challenging at times, but it also gives us the pleasure of spending our lives remembering who we really are, if we so choose. How brilliant are you to have fooled yourself and created such an elaborate game?

Join me over on iTunes to listen, or click play below! I love reading your reviews, so keep em’ coming!


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