I was sitting at the beach, the one a few blocks from my new place on the North Shore of Oahu, talking with my dear soul sister, Kimi Morton (of Best Life Ever btw). We had just had lunch and were working on our upcoming Shift to Rise retreat.

When we get together it’s always magical, whether we’re creating, sharing silly stories, “Master Hearting,” or just being in the same space together. Kimi is one of those friends whom upon meeting, it was as though I was saying “hello” to an old friend.

As we sat on the beach and enjoyed the gentle lapping of the waves, she said, “OMG Tarah this is amazing. It is so cool to see this creation you have been talking about for so long and have finally created for yourself!”

I was all…“Right!?!?” She then reminded me that the story of “how” it all happened, might be really powerful and helpful for others. If you know my work at all, I’m 100% about following the calling of your soul…no matter what it is. I help to navigate my clients through their own deepest calling with a big fat EASY BUTTON. But I don’t always talk about the “specifics” or what the external looks like in my own life.

Kimi reminded me that so many people have a tendency to think, “Well, that’s all great for her or him, but they were able to do that because they have/are (insert BS story).” Listen when I say this…YOU have access to the exact same Infinite Light and Power that I do because it’s WHAT YOU ARE. If you desire to know your True Self (as God/Source/All That Is), you can, and your life will flow with so much magic it will make you feel like you’re touching the stars.

So, if you’re interested in getting your false self/ego/mind out of the way, and letting the Light of your True Self shine through every square inch of your life and being, join me in this episode where I pull back the curtain (or Kimono as Kimi said), on what following my soul to this dream looked like for me in the physical realm.

If you’re ready to say yes to your “North Shore,” then don’t waste another second believing you can’t. Head over to iTunes, or listen below.

I love you!


Show Links

Kimi Morton’s amazing company, Best Life Ever (with fellow badass Pua Pakele And Cabot). They recently launched their Broke-Ass to Badass program that takes you from a desire to actually creating your online business in 8 weeks. I’ve experienced the program and it is phenomenal…I don’t say that lightly!

Shift to Rise April retreat in Hawaii, there are a few spots left so apply now if your soul is calling you!

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