What I Do

I help amazing beings connect to themselves and listen to their soul’s deepest calling by activating the Infinite, ancient, and powerful beingness they are in human form. Let me help you birth your inner wisdom and knowingness!

There are 3 core tenets I use when reminding you who you really are, and guiding you to your best and truest self.

Heal. Remember. Rise.



Organic healing. This does not mean you bring up everything that needs healing at all once. As you begin to do the work of surrendering to life and loving yourself unconditionally, exactly what needs healing will come up if it’s necessary. A lot of healing can take place simply through these 2 initial phases alone…surrender and love.

The 3 main phases (Heal, Remember, Rise) of rising to meet your soul’s calling can happen in order, all at once, or back and forth in different orders. There is no one way. I do not offer a cookie cutter “program” of techniques to uncover your light. The entire process is unique to you and your journey.

Sometimes the focus of healing is necessary if you carry human wounds that (in your mind) keep you from shining. Healing is only ever necessary because we have been conditioned to believe it is, so sometimes it is. There are instances where it may be challenging to “move forward’ on your journey until certain things are looked at and get the attention they are asking for, so that we may transmute them back into love.


Before true empowerment can occur, one must first self-realize, meaning to remember that you are Source, and come from this place in all you do. If you try to be “empowered” and “rah rah” your way through life by force or will, there is no foundation of Truth. First, you remember the Truth to allow Source to flow through you, then you can create whatever serves the Highest of all.

As you remember more and more and shed all the BS you thought you were, you begin to feel, without a doubt, your Infinite Nature. Not because I or someone else has told you about it, but because it’s the experience you have for yourself.

You begin to take your power back from any external person, place, thing, or experience, and bring all of that power back into yourSelf. Can you imagine what life is like when you actually know, and feel, that you are Infinite, that nothing can take away the part of you that is Source, God, All That Is? It’s an unshakable confidence and conviction unlike any other!

You can bring this knowingness into every human moment and experience, and be in a state of joy and peace internally, no matter what is going on externally. You begin to listen to your Higher Self, or intuition, in each moment, knowing it’s bringing you the experience that supports your Highest Good, and ultimately the Highest Good of all.

Ultimately, as you begin to empty “yourself” (the small self) and connect to Source, your deepest pleasure will be, naturally, BEING in service to all.


Rising to meet your soul’s calling, the reason you came to Earth, is all about creating by taking Inspired Action. This is when you are listening to your Higher Self/intuition almost exclusively to live your days. It’s fun, easy, peaceful, exciting, and surprising. I cannot tell you how magical it is to live guided by your inner knowingness, you can only experience it for yourself.

You can claim your Infinite Nature (who you really are) every day, while you heal and create. This journey and process will happen however it needs to for you, to support your Highest Good.

As you rise, the peaks and valleys serve you, and it doesn’t matter if you’re in a peak or a valley, you are having the time of your life…of this life. Your Infinite Nature is infused into your being so completely, and you express this power in all you do and are. You are shining your light and are the expression of love you most need and want to be, as you do whatever light’s up your soul.

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