Remember Who You Are

Release the lack and get back on track (to being your actual amazing self in human form)

At the core of your essence, there is an awareness, the sense of you that is already free, whole, and at peace. It is who you are, ever and always. This true self has the natural ability to inform and create your life.

You have been called to a new way to live here on earth. I know you’ve been called because you’re reading this. There are no accidents.

You are an Infinite Being. That is what you are. Do you want to feel that every day? Do you want this Infinite Nature that is your True Nature to inform and flow through every aspect of your life?

Do you want to trust yourself and life implicitly, and never doubt that you are on the right path or living your best life?

What does this mean? Unlimitedness in all areas of your life. The feeling of freedom in all you do and are. A life filled with more peace and joy and fulfillment than you have ever imagined.

I am inviting you to listen to your inner knowingness, your Higher Self, your intuition…and trust this voice inside of you, that is connecting to and IS Source, the Universe, All That Is.

When you connect to and own your Infinite Nature, you will follow this truth to a life of bliss. From this place, it does not matter what you “have” or do not have, you will be shining golden light through each pore of your being…radiating this light to all…serving in your Highest Good, and leading humanity home.

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