Remember Who You Are

Release the lack and get back on track (to being your actual amazing self in human form)

You are here for a crazy awesome reason. You are here to lead. You came here to bring your light, and to shine it so bright.

It’s my work to remind you who you are, so you can activate your Infinite Nature…to do the work that you came to do. You are here to serve, not only humanity but yourself. Because we are not separate from each other, as you serve your Highest Good, you serve the Highest Good of all.

I want you to know who you are and what you’re capable of, so you can rise and meet your soul’s deepest calling.

You can live a life of absolute joy and peace. You can thrive. It’s your choice. You are not alone. YOU ARE INFINITE. Infinite is Infinite.

This means the illusions of lack and limitation are not real. You must first feel this for yourself, by loving and accepting yourself unconditionally. When you begin to focus on your light, on the love that you are, the world can fall away…and you can hear your Higher Self speaking to you. Then you can bring this light, turned on fully, into your creation of this world.

You are Source, God, All That Is, expressing itself as love and light, expressing itself as a human. You are The One Infinite Creator! You have the incredible power to create all that you see and experience in this lifetime. Are you ready to begin? Take the next step to uncovering yourself and your soul’s deepest calling.

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