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Break the Spell of Your Life and Rest in Bliss

You are not the body, mind, or emotions. In every moment you remember this and re-connect to your natural state of Infinity, suffering is impossible. If your desire to remember and know the Truth of who you really are (overwhelming love and light), is greater than your desire to continue believing the illusion is real (you are only human), then this challenge is for you! This 7-Day Challenge will give you a taste of exploring who you think you are, and connect you to what you really are.

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29 Signs You're Probably An Alien

This sweet little checklist is designed to give you some comfort in knowing you are not alone here on planet Earth as a Galactic Being! You will most likely resonate with most of the 29 “signs,” and probably have a few of your own I didn’t mention. This list was downloaded through me for you. Feel free to share this freebie link with others you know who may need a little support in their journey of being who they really are in the world.

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