About Me

I am here to help you remember who you are and why you’re here. 

Specifically, I help YOU (Leader of Humanity), remember WHAT you are, which is an Infinite Being. Through this realization of your True Self, you in turn experience Freedom and Bliss in every area of your life, to the extent that you choose.

The more willing you are to forget who you think you are, the more the Light of Source can flow through you, and the more you can serve humanity.  I believe that you are here for some version of this same purpose, and we each express this purpose in unique ways.

I have been guided to do this work as a teacher, coach, mentor, writer, podcaster, and am open to any and all ways I am led to serve you.

You have a calling, and it is my mission and wish to reveal it to you, and help you access and embody it so you may live and serve from this place. 

I am here to connect you to the life your soul wants to live and to remind you of your incredible and Infinite power in doing so, illuminating any space in your entire being that is limiting you.

Through surrender, love, and exploration into your truest self and your Infinite Nature, a beautiful journey unfolds to becoming who you’ve always been, who you really are. 

This is a path of knowing yourself, inside and out, accepting all that is arising, and becoming the Creator.

How I got here (short version!)…

When I was a little girl, I knew I was visiting this place for just a little while…meaning, some part of me knew Earth wasn’t my native planet. I didn’t know that specifically, but I felt very foreign and could never understand why humans do what they do, or why.

It was my mission, as long as I can remember, to ask people questions that might make them think about why they’re doing this or that, with an intention to help, to help them see that there is more, better, lighter…to help them see their true nature of love.

I was born quite a sick child, my Mother recounts, and had a lot of health issues growing up; asthma, allergies, stomach ulcers at age 15. Then when I turned 22 I became very ill at nothing the western doctors could diagnose. Eventually, they labeled it “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.” I learned quickly that modern medicine could not help, as they cannot with most chronic dis-ease.

I started my journey then into natural and holistic healing and was given the gift of knowing that we are all self-healing vessels when we see and focus on all the layers of our being. It was a long, 10-year journey to feeling well in my body again, and too much to say here.

Once I felt well, I continued to seek for the ultimate truth, as I knew there was so much more than the experience of this Earthly life. My desire to know myself as Source, God, All That Is, led me to self-realization/enlightenment work.

I am grateful for all of it, every challenge. It led me here, with the knowledge and wisdom gained so that I could guide others. I am still on my journey to becoming more and more like Source in human form, as long as I remain a physical expression. It is my honor and pleasure to serve you, in any way that feels aligned.

The highlights of my academic and professional career thus far, if that floats your boat:


  • I have a Master’s of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology (and French), and have spent the last 20 years of my life studying and living a holistic life. I have over 15 years of experience with Chinese Medicine; including acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping, nutrition and more.
  • I’ve worked and traveled all over the world, including on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean (ask me all about it!), in Chengdu, China (the home of the Sichuan pepper…eek),  Austin, Tx, Minnesota, Hawaii, and now Los Angeles, CA.
  • I’ve worked in all possible settings as an acupuncturist: with M.D.’s, in private practice, in 2 community clinics, and on that crazy cruise ship.
  • I am certified in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and practiced it for over 4 years.
  • I’ve been featured in Midweek, on local radio shows in Hawaii and many global podcasts.
  • I created and was the host of the Awaken Your Infinite Nature Podcast (3/16) which was featured on iTunes New and Noteworthy.
  • I’ve written 3 e-books, and am just waiting for the time when my next book comes through me.
  • I have created two online courses, Heal Yourself Now and Awaken Your Infinite Nature Mastery. I no longer run either course. Working one-on-one with my clients lights me up the most right now. And as always, I know when I follow the lights in my soul it’s the greatest service I can be to this world.

And, if you’re itching to know more…

1. My all time favorite TV show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I love sci-fi). My favorite movie is Meet Joe Black, so many layers to that one.

2. I’m a recovering sugar addict. Left to my own devices as a child, with an endless supply of chocolate and gummy bears, I would self-destruct.

3. I’m 1/16 Native American (Choctaw) and the rest is mostly French (Cajun included).

4. I’m really close with my Mom and my brother. We talk on the phone a lot!

5. I was born in Louisiana and lived there until I was 8…I can slip back into that southern drawl in a hot minute.

6. I lived and studied in France in college and speak French (although I’ve lost it a bit). It was a life-changing experience where I met 2 of my very best friends in the world, one of whom recently passed. Her physical death was one of the most “heart breaking open into love” experiences I’ve ever had. She and I still have conversations on the regular…if I’m doubting myself I hear her say, “You’ve got this girlie!” She is my cheerleader. Here’s us (me and the two Jen’s) in February of 2015…we’re really good at laughing through tears!

7. I’m a natural performer…dancer, singer, actor…so I do it for fun! See me in this local Hawaii Battery Bill’s commercial, where I got to dance, lip-sync, and act all at once!

8. I have 2 tattoos…and at least one more to come.

9. I LOVE dogs…love love love! I’m the dog sitter among my friends. I can’t quite commit yet to having one, but I love watching other people’s.

10. I have recently left Hawaii, my home for over 10 years, and followed the intuitive call to Los Angeles, CA. Once I arrived, I knew I was called here to assist Hollywood and the entertainment industry in its awakening. This industry is the largest messaging system in the world, and we can use it for good. Head over to my “Conscious Entertainment Mentorship” page for more information.

11. Following the alignment to a more quiet, more simple, and more fulfilled life, I have left LA and moved across the country to a small Tennessee town (as of October 2021). The green nature of this part of the country nourishes me and I look forward to nourishing it. As we are in one of the biggest paradigm shifts to ever take place on this planet, I am anchoring myself in a place and space where I can be of most service in co-creating the new earth we are birthing together. I can’t wait to co-create with you!



amount of Infinity that I am


amount of Infinity that you are

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