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As a fellow Galactic Being, I have come to planet Earth in this incarnation as a volunteer to raise the vibration closer to that of love, light, and pure Source energy. I believe that you are here for this same purpose, and I believe we each express this purpose in unique ways.

I have been guided to do this work as a teacher, coach/mentor, writer, podcaster, and am open to any and all ways I am lead to serve you.

You have gifts, super powers, and amazing abilities, and it is my mission and wish to reveal them to you, and help you access and use them to serve yourself and others.

I believe in looking at all aspects of a person’s life and journey, including physical, emotional, mental, relational, spiritual and metaphysical.

I am here to connect you to the life your soul wants to live in this human form and to remind you of your incredible and Infinite power in doing so. Illuminating any space in your entire being that is not serving you, allows you to create the life you came here to live to fulfill your personal destiny.

Through surrender, love, and exploration into your truest self and your Infinite Nature, a beautiful journey unfolds to becoming who you’ve always been, who you really are. 

If you’d like to hear my full experience as a Galactic Being here on Earth, and the story of how I came to realize and own the knowledge of what I came here to be and do, listen to my podcast episode, 26 Signs You’re Probably An Alien. This is the audio version of the free gift I offer in PDF form with a slightly different name.

The highlights of my academic and professional career thus far, if that floats your boat:


  • I have a Master’s of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology (and French), and have spent the last 16+ years of my life studying and living a life of natural health and wellness. I have over 15 years of experience with Chinese Medicine; including acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping, nutrition and more.
  • I’ve worked and traveled all over the world, including on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean (ask me all about it!), in Chengdu, China (the home of the Sichuan pepper…eek),  Austin, Tx, Minnesota, and now my beloved Hawaii.
  • I’ve worked in all possible settings as an acupuncturist: with M.D.’s, in private practice, in 2 community clinics, and on that crazy cruise ship.
  • I am certified in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and practiced it for over 4 years (although I no longer practice QHHT).
  • I’ve been featured in Midweek, on local radio shows in Hawaii and many global podcasts.
  • I recently created and host the Wide Awakened Healing Podcast (3/16) which has been featured on iTunes New and Noteworthy.
  • I’ve written 3 e-books, and am currently working on my first full-length book as I write this.

And, if you’re itching to know more…

1. My all time favorite TV show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I told you I love sci-fi).

2. I’m a recovering sugar addict. Left to my own devices as a child, with an endless supply of chocolate and gummy bears, I would self-destruct.

3. I’m 1/16 Native American (Choctaw) and the rest is mostly French (Cajun included).

4. I’m really close with my Mom and my brother. We talk on the phone a lot!

5. I was born in Louisiana and lived there until I was 8…I can slip back into that southern drawl in a hot minute.

6. I lived and studied in France in college and speak French (although I’ve lost it a bit). It was a life changing experience where I met 2 of my very best friends in the world, one whom recently passed. Her physical death was one of the most “heart breaking open into love” experiences I’ve ever had. She and I still have conversations on the regular…if I’m doubting myself I hear her say, “Go for it girlie!” She is my cheerleader. Here’s us (me and the two Jen’s) in February of 2015…we’re really good at laughing through tears!

7. I have a (not-so-secret) desire to be a dancer, singer, actor…so I do it for fun! See me in this local Hawaii Battery Bill’s commercial, where I got to dance, lip-sync, and act all at once!

8. I have 2 tattoos…and at least one more to come.

9. I am intuitively drawn to Katy Perry, her music, her message, and her impact in the world. She is a fellow Galactic Being (or so it seems to me), and I would love the opportunity to work with her. So…if you know Katy Perry:)

10. I LOVE dogs…love love love! I’m the dog sitter among my friends. I can’t quite commit yet to having one, but I love watching other people’s (I guess it’s the “other people’s kids syndrome”).

11. Hawaii continues to amaze me, heal me, nurture me and enrich me…and I do my best to give it all right back to her and the world. I love to salsa dance, take acting classes, hike in the jungle, read (from profound to silly and everything in between), watch anything sci-fi, and swim as much as possible in the most beautiful ocean in the world.


# of books I've written

# of countries I've lived in

# of years I've lived in paradise


of time I remember to have more compassion for myself

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Address: 1126 12th Ave. Suite 205

Honolulu, HI 96816

Phone: 808.392.1904

Email: tarah@tarahcyel.com

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