Creating Conscious Entertainment by Tarah Long


27-page ebook


Conscious Entertainment increases the consciousness of humanity, ushering more light, love, wisdom, awareness, and awakening into the world.

Entertainment is the largest messaging system the world knows. Billions of people watch TV and movies, which is the focus of this book. Entertainment not only mirrors what’s happening in the world, but also influences how people think, feel, and perceive. Because perception creates reality, TV and movies play a huge role in what shapes the world.

An enlightened civilization-one in which knows its unity, knows its true power (that comes from being Source), one that cooperates, loves unconditionally, radiates joy, fulfills its purpose (individually and collectively), feels true freedom, clarity, alignment, and connection-is possible. Not everyone will choose this path, and that’s ok. If you believe it’s possible for you, it’s possible for all.

I believe the entertainment industry is one of the most powerful ways to achieve a truly enlightened civilization. If even a small portion of people who create entertainment awaken and embody true Oneness, we can and will change the world for the better.

This book explores the two kinds of awakening (and discusses where Hollywood is at right now), what’s possible, how we create more Conscious Entertainment, themes that can be explored and executed for awakening within a story, and your next best step.

If you work in Hollywood in any capacity or are simply passionate about awakening through entertainment, you’ll benefit from this manifesto that came through me, for you.

Thank you for reading!

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