“An unexamined life is not worth living” -Plato

When is the last time you took some time and inventoried your life as it is? What’s the current state of each facet of your life? Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual…all areas we can qualify by asking ourselves how we feel.

When you feel into any area of discomfort, you will find the root is the connection you have to yourself and who you really are. When you believe you are separate, disconnected from All That Is, and have to “fend for yourself,” this will show up as a reflection in some area your life. Any belief of lack will manifest as unfulfillment or unsettledness, and will then be the foundation of the world you create.

In this episode, Kimi Morton (one of the Shift to Rise co-leaders) and I take you through a Life Inventory that you can do right along with us! The foundation is the Spiritual “aspect,” as from it all else flows. Bringing awareness to all areas of your life will lead you to the root of whatever belief is not serving you in abundance, grace, joy, and love.

Join us on iTunes as we explore this together (or listen below), and guide you to your own knowingness of what may need to Shift in your life now!



Life Inventory Graphic

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