You are here. I am here. We are here.

It’s time again, to reflect on the year and renew ourselves for what is to come. Remember, you make it up, this game of life. It’s your creation. 

For the last episode of the year, I kept it short and sweet…how do you most want to feel? This is the most important question you can ask yourself around creating a vision for the coming year. Find out why and take a listen over on iTunes or below.

When you are in joy, peace, bliss, excitement, love, connection…you light up the world. What could be more powerful than that? No matter how you are meant to serve others in the world, being “lit up” is your most important job.

Let me know what you think of the episode over on the iTunes reviews!

Thank you for being part of my 2016, I truly appreciate you. I hope to know you, meet you, talk with you, or feel you on the other end of the podcast, in 2017 as well.

Much love,

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