It would have been very easy for Jenny Maher to give up. After a failed suicide attempt, she woke to find herself paralyzed, alone, and completely dependent upon others.

In some ways, Jenny came alive when she awoke in that hospital, saying she knew at that moment there was a bigger meaning for her life. She’s since com

mitted herself to helping others who have suffered a spinal cord injury. Her new book, Never Give Up, is a memoir she felt called to write, that not only tells her incredible story but inspires others who may feel hopeless, to never give up.

Jenny has also struggled with and experienced bipolar disorder, abuse, neglect, and was a part of the foster care system growing up. Her story is one of courage, faith, and incredible spirit.

In our conversation, we talk about what she does to remain joyful, and what keeps her from giving up. Jenny stresses the importance of community and asking for help. Before the accident, she didn’t know how to ask for help, she didn’t know how to let love in. Now, she sees these qualities as gifts that could only have come from her experience of being paralyzed.

Jenny is also a painter and learned to paint in acrylics after becoming paralyzed. You can check out her work here on her website. This first-time author invites you to find the determination to get back up, even after falling again and again. Join us here, or listen below, for an intimate look into what that looks like for Jenny Maher.

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Never Give Up

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