When I asked Megan what would make this conversation powerful for her, she answered with a question, “Where are my shoes? I want to find my shoes.”

She’s dressed and ready to go, meaning she has the tools and has done a lot of self-work, but she still feels like she can’t find the missing piece…her shoes. For Megan, her shoes represent taking the next step, being in service to her clients in a deeper way, and ultimately, embodying unconditional self-love and acceptance.

“The good news is,” I said, “the shoes are on your feet! You just have to look down and see them.” 

Dear listener, you are in for a treat. In this powerful conversation with Megan, she is raw and vulnerable and sharing all. My intention with giving you a peek into a real and intimate session is so that you can see for yourself how life-changing just one hour can be. Really, one minute, one insight, one moment, can change your life.

In our conversation, we explore the topics of financial abundance and organization, the dreaded “I’m not good enough” tape recorder in your mind (for Megan this was around serving her clients powerfully), the “what is your calling” question, designing programs that serve your clients best, how a health challenge can be subconsciously created to distract you from your real work, and how losing a loved one can offer a great gift. I also guide Megan through a visualization to realize her Infinity, and you can join in while you listen!

Listen below or on iTunes, and please leave us a review if you feel called! You can also watch the video on YouTube.

Thank you for listening!



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Here is a picture of one of her beautiful creations, a Royal Radiance Crown!







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