Create deep connections and unique opportunities to remember who you really are and reclaim your power.

Shift to Rise
5-Day, all-inclusive retreat on the stunning North Shore of Oahu. 

April 26-30, 2018

Get more details and Apply for your spot here (space is limited and it’s first come first served).

“(After attending) Tarah’s Soul Sitting, I have noticed I am much more connected to my Expanded Self in the days that follow. During the session, I feel very relaxed, almost hypnotized. I have never breathed so easily in my life. Immediately after the Soul Sitting, Tarah may have something to share; then there is time for journaling. I highly recommend Soul Sitting to those who wish to widen their heart and grow beyond this dimension.” -Jake

If you are desiring a closer connection to your soul/Higher Self/intuition, are feeling confused, scared, lonely or are seeking an answer, Soul Sitting will benefit you.

One of the ways in which Tarah chose to be of service in this lifetime is simply through embodying and holding a certain energy, or frequency. She came in with this energy, in order to do her work in the world.

Each human has Super Powers. One of Tarah’s is that in her presence, your energy and essence are expanded and softened, and you are able to connect with yourself (your soul) on a deeper level. Your energy is moved and shifted in such a way for you to clearly see the answers of your deepest knowing. Your own ancient and most powerful self is awakened.

Soul Sitting sessions involve the actual “soul sitting,” discussion, journaling, and Q&A.

Sessions are held in Honolulu, Hawaii. All dates and other details are found on the Meetup group, Awaken Your Infinite Nature.

Coming Soon!

Learn how to awaken your Infinite Nature, actualize your soul’s deepest desires, and experience Absolute bliss in every area of life.

To join the party and find out when Infinity Training is happening, click here and give us your deets.

Training will be live in Honolulu AND available online shortly thereafter.

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