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The entertainment industry, especially out of Hollywood, is the largest messaging system the world knows. This is power. Let’s use it for good.

You have a unique mission, and are currently expressing it in the world of entertainment. With the influence you have, are you expressing it to your full potential? Do you wake up with a sense of purpose and know why you’re doing what you’re doing?

If you feel lit up by being part of the awakening consciousness of humanity through entertainment, and you want to feel more fulfilled and purposeful in your own life and work, you’re on the right page.

Hollywood is doing a great job of including more social awareness and consciousness in many projects, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. The only reason we need to highlight equality and tolerance for all is because humanity has forgotten that we are One, united on the very fundamental level that we all come from the same Source energy. Even science now knows we are all part of the same unified infinite field of intelligence.

This unity is far stronger than our perceived differences. When we come from the place of unity in all we do, while we celebrate our unique differences in form, the world will heal itself almost instantly.

We can help the world wake up and entertain them at the same time, through Conscious Entertainment, because the entertainment industry is the most powerful and influential messaging system the world knows.

I have a big vision of bringing this messaging to more mainstream programming, and that starts with those who have the influence in this industry to create and facilitate more conscious entertainment. It starts with you.

Creating more Conscious Entertainment, like Avatar, The Matrix, Kindness Diaries, and The Truman Show, for example, can give Netflix a competitive edge, and elevate humans and the world at the same time.

There are three ways in which I work to forward this mission:

  1. Consult on existing or yet to be written TV and Film projects through the lens of higher consciousness, adding massive value, as a Conscious Entertainment Consultant.
  2. Mentor and coach influential people in the industry, like you, to your own infinite nature, bringing more fulfillment, purpose, and freedom to your life. When you feel confident in knowing who you are (an infinite being) and why you’re here (to live your calling), you can elevate the world in the way you are meant to, and you will be fearless. Your life will be led by the faith, trust and the power of your true nature. If you’ve ever thought, “I know there’s more to life than this,” you’re right. (I work personally with leaders and high level creatives like you, as this is where the most impact can be made, and where my gifts excel. I will be honest with you, I will tell you what others won’t, I will hold space for the highest version of you, fiercely.)
  3. Provide a powerful and interactive presentation for you and other leaders at your company to see where each member of your team can elevate themselves to be a part of this mission. 

I am inviting you into a powerful conversation with me. It’s my pleasure, all you have to do is show up and be open to the highest possible version of yourself and the world.

As you begin to embody the knowingness that you are an Infinite Being, every aspect of your life awakens and aligns in reflection.

If this feels like a “hell yes” for you, get your spot on my calendar by signing up for your consult below. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

If you’re still unsure of where to begin, get my ebook, “Creating Conscious Entertainment” HERE. 

*You can also see my online Zoom presentation, Creating Conscious Entertainment for actors, writers, and filmmakers HERE.

Conscious Entertainment Consult with Tarah

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