Intuition. That knowing inside of you that needs no explanation. It’s the key to the castle, the golden ticket, the most important information you get in a day.

We all have it. We just don’t listen to it all the time. How much more peaceful would your life be if you did? How much easier? What if you could trust implicitly, your own intuition? What if I told you, you can?

In this episode, I give you 11 ways to listen to your intuition so that you can really hear it, and use it! I say it all the time and it bears repeating…you have all the answers inside of you, but you must get quiet enough to hear them.

Use your intuition for deep healing, for life’s big questions…for making a decision on what to eat for dinner! Your inner guidance is there all the time to help you live your Highest Good, and for the Highest Good of all. Why wouldn’t you use it?

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P.S. In the first episode of the podcast, I mentioned I would be releasing a new one every week. For now, that has changed to every other week…just until I get in the groove with this whole podcasting thing! Thank you for understanding:)


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