What is your intuition, really? It’s your connection to the Soul of the Universe. When you tune into it, this Field of Potentiality, Source, God, All That Is, you tune into what is in the Highest Good of All.

We are connected, pervasively One. You are a conduit for this flow of Source, the Soul of the Universe, to come through and create what is asking to be created. It feels good, right, and fear and doubt fade effortlessly back into the Light.

In this episode, I explore more about this connection, why you would want to cultivate it, and how to do it (it’s so so so simple). You are the Soul of the Universe, in human form, so there really is nothing to “do.” It’s the act of remembering, and allowing space to remember.

My work has one “intention” these days, for you to remember and experience your own Infinite Nature, so that you can choose unconditional bliss in any moment, regardless of external circumstances. Even when challenge and “negative” emotions and thoughts occur, you can still choose peace. Connecting to the One Soul of All That Is, is your roadmap.

Join us as I offer a different reason to be of service in the world, that does not include and “shoulds.” I also talk about desire and how it can point us to creation. Listen below or on iTunes.


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