It’s strange to look at my blog and see that there are only 2, now 3 entries!

I recently hid all 65 plus blog entries and podcast episodes from the website and on iTunes. Not because the content wasn’t still relevant or high quality, but because in it there were links that were no longer good, a business name that no longer is, and various other references to things that no longer exist (like an online course and other offers).

It no longer felt aligned to keep them up, and so they all went into the archive. I still have an active YouTube channel where you can see videos from the past many years.

I also cleaned up my website, simplified everything, and streamlined my several lists down to one. As someone who was very active in the online marketing world, offering this and that webinar, ebook, class, etc., it feels good to simplify.

The core message that wants to come through me hasn’t changed, but the flavor has shifted. Keeping all of the past blogs was not in alignment with that flavor, and so they had to go.

If you’ve experienced or explored my work, you know that being in alignment (with my Calling, with Source), is a high priority. I’m constantly filtering everything in my life through my intuition. When something no longer fits, it’s not hard (anymore) to say goodbye or elevate it to being more in alignment.

Is there anything in your life that needs to go, or be archived, or elevated? Get yourself in a joyful state, of your Calling if you know it, or any other beautiful state. Sit down, feel into your life, and make a list of things that no longer light you up. Include everything: people, places, activities, objects, all of it. Release them with love and gratitude, or elevate them into alignment. It will serve you and the world beyond your imagination.

Happy aligning! If you need help, I’m here. Get your Next Best Step Session with me and we’ll dive into clarity together.



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