The big “C.” I suggest a radical dissociation with cancer and fighting. Like all things that are fought against, when we wage a war on cancer, it only gets worse, for the one who has it, and for the collective consciousness of a society who’s rates of cancer keep increasing.

Let’s think about other things we “fight” as a society; drugs, crime, hate, racism, I could go on. I could ramble on with statistics, or I could just tell you that the war on all of these things does not make them go away, or even improve. The only thing that can eradicate something you wish were different, is love. What you fight against only grows stronger, because the attention is that of wishing it wasn’t there.

What if, when you were diagnosed with cancer or some other dis-ease in the body, you loved it? Fully, unconditionally, and with an expanded heart? What if you said, “thank you,” and then opened to the message this dis-ease has just for you. It’s only there, after all, to wake you up from some slumber you forgot you were in, to make you better, to make you more love, to make you feel your soul again.

Cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence, it doesn’t even have to be a bad thing. Heck, it could be the best thing that’s ever happened to you! Are you willing to go there? To imagine the best case scenario? If you are, congratulations. You’ve given yourself, in my opinion, the most powerful gift you could give yourself…love and the best possibility of healing. Love heals everything. Simple? Yes. True? You better believe it.

In this episode, I talk about someone very dear to me, whom I lost to cancer last year. She was too young, had too much life left to live, too beautiful a soul…she was my best friend. I talk about her journey through chemo, and how things may have been different without it. There’s no judgment for anyone’s treatment choice, just some truth about “traditional” cancer treatment in the US. I think you should know the truth. You should have a choice in how you navigate through what could be the most defining and important experience of your life.

Join me in this episode where I get very candid and personal, and also reveal some shocking statistics that will help you take another look at cancer treatment, and may even save your life. I also shed some light on what cancer in certain parts of the body may mean, and how you can begin the healing process right now. I give you resources on other options for treatment as well, including the Gerson Therapy.

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