Hang Boge is fiercely playful and committed to living a joyful life. These are the first things I noticed about her when began talking about her journey to a well body. Through a lot of pain and suffering in her childhood and early adult years, Hang has learned to heal many of her wounds, and now she helps others do the same.

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Having known Hang for many years now, I have personally seen and experienced the impact she has in her client’s healing from emotional wounds. Hang is now committed to serving high performing people (in the area of athletics, entrepreneurship, business, celebrity, and more), so that they may reach their full potential and profoundly bring the gifts they have to share with the world, all while experiencing more joy and peace.Hang knew there was more to the story of her experience of pain than just the physical imbalance (due to many years of competing as a high-level athlete). She had an intuition that if she could access the emotional level of healing, it would serve her well…and it did. Hang found EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) early on in her journey and then became a certified practitioner.

In our conversation, which is pretty informal as we’re lounging on her couch and listening to the birds, we talk about so many topics around healing, intuition, and what it takes to really make true transformation happen.

Hang and I both come from a place of having done a lot of healing work on ourselves, to a place where we are enjoying life on levels we couldn’t have previously imagined. Please join us by listening below or over on iTunes.

Hang now runs her business, Stretch Your Potential, as an Emotional and Money Breakthrough specialist, from her home on Oahu. She’s funny, open, and transparent about her journey. She is one of the most capable and intuitive coaches I know, and I’m honored to call her my friend.

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