Do you remember that you are not this body, these thoughts, these emotions?

Do you remember your light? You ARE this light, and when you allow it to move through you and live from this place, bliss is the result.

In working with 1000’s of people over the years, I have found that for most people, it can be challenging to continue to remind oneself of this powerful, simple, life-changing fact. You are God (Source/Universe/All That Is).

Self-realization (the act of remembering what you are), does require desire. If your soul desires this for you in this lifetime, you will know it. You will feel it calling you. If you’re saying, “yes,” as you read my words, I invite you to explore this call. It will lead you home.

This desire from your soul must be stronger than your desire to remain in the small self, with the illusion of comfort, security, and pleasure. This call is not heard by everyone. And when you are ready, it takes commitment. Commitment to remember your Self every day until it permeates you, and you can no longer go back to being only a human being. You now remember you are only an Infinite Being.

The freedom, joy, peace, abundance, and bliss that is found as you live from the place of Infinity, is far greater than the perception of these feelings as a mere human. From this place of absolute freedom, what you can create is absolutely unlimited.

I wanted to create something for those who are ready to remember, ready to lead themselves home so that they can lead humanity home. If you crave this freedom and bliss and realization, it means you are here to lead.

For you, it may mean leading your family or those in your community, or it may mean leading a tribe of millions. Either way, NOW is your time, our time, and it’s my honor to lead you home.

In order to help you with this journey of consistent reminder, I have created my new online course, Awaken Your Infinite Nature Mastery. If the thought of this lights you up, I invite you to your Next Best Step call with me right now. Let’s explore together if this course is a fit for you. I promise we’ll know it together on this call. It’s okay if it’s not time yet, but if it is your time…don’t waste another minute in preparing to serve humanity so powerfully so you can be a part of changing the world. Let’s lead together!

Get your spot on my calendar for your Next Best Step Session and let’s bliss!

If you’d like to get a little taste of what the course will be like, you can jump right into my  (free) 7-Day Challenge: Break the Spell of Your Life and Rest in Bliss. You’ll get a video to your inbox every day for 7 days that will help you release who you think you are, so you can remember what you really are.

Join us HERE for the 7-Day Challenge!

To your continued remembrance, expansion, and LOVE.


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