That’s right, I’m holding a big container full of white light, just for you. I think I started holding this container when I was born, at least it’s felt that way.

Recently, I’ve re-committed to holding it in a bigger, expanded, and more fierce way, for you. My Guides That Be asked me to, so I have graciously obliged.

If you’re stuck in the healing process, having doubts about the possibilities of healing for you, or just need a quick re-up on your amazing power to heal yourself, take a listen. This episode came out of me in just a few minutes, no preparation. Listen below or over in iTunes!

I wanted to offer something for International Podcast Day on Friday, 9/30, so this is it. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know over in the comments in iTunes, and if you haven’t yet please rate and subscribe too. Thank you thank you thank you.



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