Awaken Your Infinite Nature Mastery

You are a leader. You are ready to remember what you really are…an Infinite Being, not a Human Being, so you can do what you came to Earth to do…lead humanity home. 

Are YOU ready?

 Experience Absolute Freedom, and step into the Leader you came here to be.

You didn’t come all the way to Earth to forget your Self, you came to remember, so you could guide others to remember their own incredible power. Not a power that comes from ego, mind, forcing, or pushing, but rather True Power that can only come from within. The Power that comes from remembering you are God.

To lead other-selves home, you must first lead yourself home. Empty yourself of all that is not you. Remember the illusion you have created for yourself, appearing as the world. Remember you are not this body, your thoughts, your emotions, your past, your experiences, and yet that they are all here to serve your Highest Good and the calling you are here to serve.

This 6-week “un-course” guides you home, to a place you have never left, to your True Infinite Nature. By consistently reminding yourself of what you really are, the layers of distraction begin to unravel, and the glowing unique Essence you came here to share begins to shine through.

There will be discomfort in this process, for you are dying to yourself in a real and raw way. If you are ready to shed who you think are, if you are “all in,” the possibility of discomfort in this process excites you. You know the journey is worth it, for you are here to serve, and can serve only to the capacity which you have purified your vessel of all that is not you.

You cannot empower yourself from your will/ego/mind. You must first remember the foundation of all Power, that is inside of YOU, that IS you.

You chose this life. You are expressing yourself as a human at this moment. You are here for a crazy awesome reason. You came here to bring your light and to shine it brightly. As cliche as it may sound, you came to raise the vibration of humans and of Earth. You left wherever you were before this life to volunteer and bring your light.

You may have dimmed your light all or most of your life to fit in, to feel like you belong. You can continue suppressing your Truth, the things you want to say but don’t, but you know it doesn’t serve you or anyone else.

I want you to know who you are and what you’re capable of, so you can rise and meet your soul’s deepest calling.

You can live a life of absolute joy and peace. You can thrive here on Earth. It’s your choice. Yes, it’s been tough to be on this planet…to be human. Don’t I know it! But we’re here together. You are not alone. YOU ARE INFINITE. Infinite is Infinite.

The illusions of lack and limitation are not real. You must first feel this for yourself, by loving and accepting yourself unconditionally. When you begin to focus on your light and the love that you are, the world can fall away…and you can hear your Higher Self speaking to you. Then you can bring this light, turned on fully, into your creation of this world.

I see so many beautiful light beings suffering within their spiritual journey, or stuck in a loop of “personal-development” that doesn’t serve them or those they’re here to serve. If this is you, you’re ready to upgrade your “spirituality” and remember the Truth, the absolute truth.

You are God, expressing itself as love and light, expressing itself as human. Are you ready to begin? Take the next step to uncovering yourself and your soul’s deepest calling.

*I call this an “un-course” because we are not adding anything to who you are, we are subtracting the BS so your Light can shine in its natural brilliance. You are a doer, a highly “productive” being. My intention with this 6-week experience is to bring you back to the Truth of Being. Do less, Be more. Any necessary action flows effortlessly from this place of deep trust and being-ness.

Awaken Your Infinite Nature Mastery is created to help you:


Explore and Investigate…

Who you think you are, in all the ways that do and do not serve you and the Highest Good. Knowing yourself exactly as you are is step one…

Remember and Access…

The Infinite Being you ARE, and allow this Power to flow through every aspect of your life. Once the stories of who you think you are have been uncovered, deep remembrance can begin…


Others clearly through your unique expression of light and love in this lifetime. Be the Creator that you came here to be!


What’s included in the 6 weeks?


  • Weekly modules rolled out to you at the beginning of each week, including training videos, resources, and Inspiration assignments.
  • Access to the private Awaken Your Infinite Nature FB Group so you can interact with fellow leaders and create your community!
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A sessions (via Zoom) with me! If you can’t make it, they’re recorded.
  • Lifetime access to the Awaken Your Infinite Nature membership site, including all future updated training and resources.
  • A special feature on all Tarah Cyel social media channels, AND a mention of your offering/business on the Awaken Your Infinite Nature Podcast! (optional)
  • Special invitations and discounts to other events I’m hosting or are a part of (lifetime as a member of this tribe).

Giving Back

5% of proceeds from this course is donated to Hoʻōla Nā Pua.

Hoʻōla Nā Pua is committed to the renewal of trafficked girls through health, education, advocacy, and reintegration.

Their vision is to provide girls who are rescued or escape from the abuse of sex trafficking with a path to restoration and healing from their trauma, an increased sense of self-worth, and the confidence and ability to successfully reintegrate into their family and the

Get involved HERE. 

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