The level of consciousness that you experience creates your reality. If you are at a level of consciousness of Courage, for example, you see the world as permitting, feasible, and you feel empowered.

Being stuck in a “lower” level of consciousness that is not the truth of who you are, can manifest in many ways. If you are at the level of anger, for example, you will view the world as an angry place where people are not very nice and God is a vengeful God. You can imagine the effect this has on your physiology.

This is not to say that experiencing anger when it arises is not a good thing, it is. It only becomes problematic when, instead of experiencing the emotion, you repress or deny it, causing the energy of that emotion to stay in your cells, waiting for you to pay attention to it.

You can imagine what happens when you don’t pay attention? Your body gives you a message, loud and clear. Maybe it’s fatigue, depression, or cancer. There is no blame here, just a message.

In healing that which is asking to be paid attention to, we must first shed light on what is, love it and ourselves unconditionally, so we can raise our level of consciousness to love, or at least willingness. Wherever exists the vibration of love or joy or acceptance, lives the space to heal whatever is unlike those things.

You can’t be raving mad AND blissful at the same time. Your body cannot hold onto the vibration of anger and dis-ease AND be full of love at the same time. When you raise yourself up to the Truth of who you are, you allow your body to access your powerful inner healer. This is why gratitude, for example, is so powerful in helping us live life full of things to be grateful for (including a healthy body).

We get more of what we focus on. Focusing only on your ill body will keep you at a level of consciousness of hopelessness and despair. Focusing on the million other things you could be grateful for, however, brings every cell back into alignment with gratitude, and therefore healing is inevitable.

You have done nothing wrong when your body is out of balance, it’s simply a reminder that you have forgotten to live your true nature, and an invitation back to love.

You can find the Map of the Scale of Consciousness from David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., nationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, spiritual teacher, and lecturer, HERE. In this episode, I go into a bit more detail of his map, and how it can relate to healing. If you’re ready to explore with me, listen below or over on iTunes. And please leave a review, rate and subscribe so others can find us on their healing journey too.

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Show Notes

Healing and Recovery, by David Hawkins

See the map of the Scale of Consciousness HERE

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