Where are you living? I don’t mean which house or city or country. Are you living inside your head? If you are, and if you suffer from occasional or constant anxiety, it’s killing you.

You see, your head (or ego), will tell you all sorts of things to keep you from being right here, in this moment, where all is well and you are okay.

If you stray from living in your head, and bring your energy back into the heart (where the truth lives), your head will construct many thoughts to keep you from staying there. It’s a strong pull, one we don’t even know is happening if we don’t have the awareness.

The more you can consciously move the energy in your head down into the heart, the easier it will become to live in the space of the present moment, in wonder and awe of the miraculousness that is your life. Even if all you can muster is gratitude for the sun shining, it’s better than the alternative of living in the space of “the future” in your head, where worry and fear also live.

The present moment is where peace and power are available to you, at all times. It’s your choice.

So, how do you get there? How do you live in your heart, and not your head?

If you experience anxiety or panic attacks, this episode takes you through the 5-step Empowered Healing Method specifically for these dis-eases. You can use these 5 steps any time, any place. Join me in the peacefulness of the present moment…it’s just a click away. Or you can listen below!

Thanks for listening. Please remember, you are a powerful being, capable of unlimited and instantaneous healing. This healing is available to you, always.

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If you’re unsure about asking for help, just watch this video with Caroline, a recent client of mine, who healed completely from anxiety, depression, and chronic back pain…it’s possible, it’s real, and it can happen for you too.

Much love,

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