Absolute: completetotalutterout-and-outoutrightentireperfectpure. Relative: moderate, reasonable, comparative (to something else).

When you experience absolute healing, you are remembering that which you are (Infinity). When you heal relatively, it is conditional upon “doing the work,” if you will. I have been in the healing arts field for over 15 years, and I will tell you there are almost infinite ways to “heal” ourselves with various tools, methods, and practices. Many of these are great and still hold value for people who identify with believing they are the body and the persona they have created.

What would it be like to remember that you are God (The One, Source, All That Is), and experience healing on this level of this remembrance?

Does God need healing? Does the One True Source of Creation need therapy or medication or any other “healing” modality? Gosh, no. So, then, when you have this knowingness of your True Nature, there cannot be anything you possibly need to heal. You are already healed, you are already whole.

I offer compassion for wherever you are on your journey. It is this love and compassion, after all, that allows you to remember it is what you are. Many are identified with the past, experienced trauma and illness, and all they have endured as a human. That’s okay.

When you become tired of “processing” and “doing the work” of healing, which can be hard work when you think this body is you, the Truth will be here waiting.

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