Do you feel stuck? It’s okay.

You feel stagnant, cloudy, muddy, foggy, and not clear on what you’re “doing.” When you’re “stuck,” you’re in your head. You think YOU are the one in control. You think you are alone and it’s all up to you. You feel you must “push through” and use your will and force to make something happen.

As I say in this training I’m sharing with you…do do do do do do…is doo doo. There is a time and a place for taking inspired action (as in step #5 in my Rise Method). Feeling hella stuck is usually not the time.

“Stuckness” is a time to sit, BE and listen to your guidance. It’s time to re-connect with Source/God/your Higher Self. Being “stuck” is merely forgetting that which you are…Infinity and God. Light and Love.

In this episode, I share with you a live training I did last week with my fellow Shift to Rise Team members (we have a retreat coming up in April!). We each bring something different to the table, even as our messages are aligned.

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Ryan Charaba of First Wake Ups shares a powerful image that guides you to look deeper than your “stuckness,” so you can get to the point of why you’re feeling this way.

I share my 5-step Rise Method in which we surrender, love, remember who you are, listen, and then take inspired action.

Kimi and Pua of Best Life Ever, share their O.U.T. Method to getting unstuck, which lifts you out of the mud when you’re good and ready, but not without seeing the gifts there for you first. 

It’s okay. Surrender to this feeling for a moment. Let it be. Resistance only makes it grow stronger or stay put. Love yourself where you’re at. Remind yourself that you are not this emotion or thought, you are Source. Allow for guidance to come when it comes.

Take the pressure off of DOING. You already know all the answers, but so far you’ve been in your own way. Slow down, even more. Get out of the head and into the heart. Ask yourself, what do I need right now? Maybe it’s to take good care of yourself. Maybe it’s to have some fun!

Ask yourself, “What would really light me up?” Go do it! I promise if you continue these practices every day, you will get “unstuck” very quickly, and once again feel the flow of All That Is within you…excited to come out into the world THROUGH you.

It’s not YOU doing anything in life, so when you allow your mission and service to come through you, you allow Source to come through and do what’s in the Highest Good for all.

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You can also catch the video version of our live training (cuz we’re so cute…and I promise you’ll be entertained!), over on YouTube. 

So much love,
Tarah and the Shift to Rise Team

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