Do you want to know who you are and why you’re here? Do you want to know and live from the space of endless awe and a love that knows no bounds? 


Relax. Take a deep breath. You’re in the right place. Welcome.

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Ready to co-create a more conscious Hollywood?

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Conscious Entertainment increases the consciousness of humanity, ushering more light, love, wisdom, awareness, and awakening into the world.

Entertainment is the largest messaging system the world knows. Billions of people watch TV and movies. Entertainment not only mirrors what’s happening in the world, but also influences how people think, feel, and perceive. Because perception creates reality, TV and movies play a huge role in what shapes the world.

An enlightened civilization-one which knows its unity, knows its true power (that comes from being Source), one that cooperates, loves unconditionally, radiates joy, fulfills its purpose (individually and collectively), feels true freedom, clarity, alignment, and connection-is possible. Not everyone will choose this path, and that’s ok. If you believe it’s possible for you, it’s possible for all.

I believe the entertainment industry is one of the most powerful ways to achieve a truly enlightened civilization. If even a small portion of people who create entertainment awaken and embody true Oneness, we can and will change the world for the better.

This book explores the two kinds of awakening (and discusses where Hollywood is at right now), what’s possible, how we create more Conscious Entertainment, themes that can be explored and executed for awakening within a story, and your next best step.

If you work in Hollywood in any capacity or are simply passionate about awakening through entertainment, you’ll benefit from this manifesto that came through me, for you.

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One-on-one Guidance and Coaching

Get the individual guidance you need with a one-on-one experience. Each program is uniquely tailored to you and your needs throughout, in order for you to remember who you really are and why you’re here. We will bring all areas of your life into alignment with your True Self.

Unlock Your Calling

Your calling: the unique essence of who you are, not what you do. Your calling is your home beacon, your True North, it’s your alignment with Source. Your calling lives in the space of the Infinite, of all that is possible, of your Higher Self, of your direct connection to Source. Can you imagine living directly from this space in your human existence? Finally, answer the question, “Why am I here?” 


Conscious Entertainment Mentor

The entertainment industry, especially out of Hollywood, is the largest messaging system the world knows. This is power. Let’s use it for good. You have a unique mission, and are currently expressing it in the world of entertainment. With the influence you have, are you expressing it to your full potential?

If you feel lit up by being part of the awakening consciousness of humanity through entertainment, and you want to feel more fulfilled and purposeful in your own life and work, keep reading…

What People Are Saying

“When I started (working with Tarah)I felt like I was at rock bottom. Now 8 weeks later, I am shocked at the improvement I have made…it’s remarkable. Loving yourself is key. When you truly open your heart, it’s amazing what and who comes into your life. Working with Tarah changed my life. I am such a different person and I feel so free.”


“My experience with Tarah was life changing. I was ready for a fundamental life change as I knew the way I was living was not sustainable or aligned. I sought Tarah’s coaching and guidance to create a life of alignment, where my physical, emotional and spiritual self could exist in harmony with living and working. Through our sessions I was able discover and get to know my higher self and where I find light, happiness and joy. Tarah is a radiant being and I’m eternally grateful for our time together on this path.” 


“Tarah is a heartfelt blessing to the planet. Her light emanates into the constellations of our inner-being. She has a light that radiates through to all of humanity. She can make you feel at ease and listens from the depths of her being. You will be encouraged to shine your light and live your visions.”


“Earth shattering and shaking movement in my Being while working with Tarah Long! Blessed to have such an amazing session with her. I know my Soul is happy we’ve met. So.Much.Love!!!!”


Megan Michelle Ellis

“Tarah is  one of the most powerful coaches we have ever met and had the honor to learn from and collaborate with. She is truly always connected to her infinite nature and her soul’s purpose. It is clear through Tarah’s coaching, trainings, and way of living that she is here on this planet to do BIG WORK in the world. Just being in her energy will help you activate the power within you and reconnect you to TRUTH. Work with her and you will tap into more power than you ever thought imaginable. Be ready to shed and shred all your bullshit stories and live a life of true freedom.”

Kimi & Pua

Best Life Ever


The Rise of the Sovereign Being

The Rise of the Sovereign Being

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Cleaning the blog and welcoming a new iteration

Cleaning the blog and welcoming a new iteration

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My Year of Radical Alignment

My Year of Radical Alignment

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Unlock Your Calling

Unlock Your Calling

I hear this question all the time from my clients, “Why am I here?” or “What’s my purpose?” This is a great question, but often people confuse their calling with a job or business or some action in the world. Then they do the action or job to try and feel fulfilled....

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